Other ways to file a complaint : TeknoHits
Other ways to file a complaint : TeknoHits

Other ways to file a complaint : TeknoHits

Mega Communication Center , the best place to file a complaint or complaint

The Mega Center is the best contact option for those who want to file complaints and want to get a solution as soon as possible. Mega is one of indonesia’s banking institutions and already has many customers. Various products and services can attract the interests of its loyal customers.

Similar to other banking institutions, although they want to provide the best services to customers and the public, they still cannot satisfy all their customers, so there are still some complaints and complaints that they are getting for the development of the bank itself  .

In addition, everyone has different opinions, so it is only natural that the bank still gets complaints, including Mega Bank. In fact, there are many ways customers can make complaints, or through the website, customer service, call center or visit Mega Bank offices directly.

Even, most customers  prefer  mega call center services  to file complaints because they are considered more practical and easier than all roads should go to branches and bases. However, you need to know things that are connected to the call center in advance so that they don’t make the wrong steps.

Ways to connect to the Contact Center

How can you submit if you don’t know how to contact the MegaBank Connection Center? You can contact the Contact Center via landline or mobile phone, so rely on anyone’s safety when contacting the call center to file a complaint or complaint.

For those who want to use the Landline to connect to the Mega Center, call the number 1500010. It’s different if you want to use a normal mobile phone, call 60010. You can call both numbers anywhere, at home, office, public places and others.

Both numbers are only used for Indonesians. However, for overseas customers who want to file a complaint with Mega Bank, they do not have to worry because there is also a special communication center service for customers abroad, by calling 021-29601600.

First, you’ll be welcomed with an answering device that usually  connects to the Mega Center when you call. Then, there are lists you need to choose based on the complaint or intend to contact the Contact Center. Only then will you contact Mega Bank to resolve the problem.

Other ways to file a complaint

As mentioned earlier, communication centres are not the only way to file complaints or problems related to products and services at the Megawa Bank. There are many other ways you can choose to submit a complaint and you can choose according to your wishes.

In addition to the Mega Connection Center , Mega Bank has a web mail as an alternative to mega bank email. You must first visit the official Mega Bank website and then visit the consultation page on the Web. You will find a variety of problems that usually occur and you only need proper access.

Then there are other services you can use to file complaints, such as social networks. Mega Bank provides several social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which you can use to find out more about products and services for complaints.

The last step you can take to file a complaint is to go directly to the Mega Bank office, both the branch office and the main office, according to the complaint you are submitting. Some complaints must be resolved in the main office, although there are some that are enough to reach the branch office.

Can complaints  be free of charge?

This question is often posed by those who want to contact the contact center. Many of us are constantly thinking about connecting to the call center because we think it’s going to take a lot of trust. So, does connecting to the Megawath Center use a lot of confidence?

Just like public connection centers that need trust when you want to contact them. It’s just that, it’s not big enough to picture us because it depends on the type of phone used, the operator, and the time we’re talking about. But, you still need to provide trust first.

As mentioned earlier, the Mega Center is connected to using a regular landline or mobile phone. If you use the landline, the only customs charged is local customs so that it doesn’t get much trust so you don’t have to worry.

However, for regular mobile users, it also relies on the user you use because each employee has its own policy on customs to contact the call center. Even, in general, the rate is calculated per minute to connect more, the higher the customs.

Is service available for 24 hours?

Apart from trust problems, service time problems or mega center  working hours are  also a question for many people. Most customers think in advance when it’s time to contact the call center because they don’t know the operating hours provided by the bank.

To provide persuasive services to customers and the general public, Mega Bank offers 24-hour centre call services. So, you can contact the Contact Center whenever and wherever you need it. For example, in the morning, during the day, at night or early in the morning.

The sooner you submit a complaint or experienced complaint, the faster you will get the best solution. This is one of the best forms of services mega bank wants to offer customers and people. So, you don’t have to worry when you get this type of problem.

So, when you experience problems with Mega Bank products and services, you can then call directly through the Mega Center. This way, it won’t raise the problem and can quickly get the best solution so that there’s  no problem that can continue.

Common problems when contacting contact centers

All banking institutions, restaurants, offices, or companies that are already large often have a number of call centres as a place for customers and customers to submit complaints and complaints. Also with the MEGA Connection Center , which is always well served and provides solutions on the target.

If you’re having problems using Mega Bank products, it’s certainly very annoying, especially if you’re busy and have a lot of work to do, and feelings are definitely involved. With a call center that cannot be contacted at a specified time, the problem will worsen.

Call center problems that cannot be accessed usually occur due to a large number of incoming calls, which increases phone traffic. This is naturally the case and the solution you can do is to contact it later or avoid peak hours, such as working hours for a soft connection.

For those with problems or questions related to megabank products and services, you can then call the contact center number provided. Make sure you use the Mega Connection Center service  well  to solve problems that are happening.

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