How to Create a New Passport Online The Easiest
How to Create a New Passport Online The Easiest

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How to create the latest passport, namely by online. So youno longer need to queue in the room, it’s easier and faster. Because you only need to register, then it will be processed by the relevant parties and then you can  take it in his office. It is very easy and certainly benefits you.

Passport is the official dokumen of the country that has a function as a tool so that people can visit other countries. Not all institutions can issue passports, because they can only be issued by official institutions appointed by the Indonesian government. By creating a travel passport can be easily done.

The passport will have a stamp or a visa seal by the party of the country you are  going to visit. There are several types of passports, there are about 6 types of passports known in Indonesia. And the best known is a passport that is for travel purposes only.

So when you want to travel abroad make a passport first, so that you can enter the country concerned. If you have made a passport then traveln can be done easily.  Before making it you must first understand some types of passports that you will  make.

In Indonesia there are 3 passports that are widely known by the public. The first is an ordinary passport, this passport is a trip only. Having a green color, because it is only limited to travel then in the destination country you are not allowed to trade or do business. This passport works so that you can enter your home country.

The Function of a Diplomatic Passport and How to Make It

How to make a diplomatic passport is actually also the same as a regular passport. What becomes a matter of only the initial purpose of their journey and also who the creator is. Diplomatic passports are only made by state officials such as civil servants, tni / polri and members of parliament who will travel diplomatically to the destination country.

Diplomatic passports have black on the cover. The third type of passport is an official passport. This type of passport also serves for travel like the diplomatic passport earlier. That is only given to government employees who will perform state duties abroad. This passport has a blue color.

Therefore, if you want to travel abroad, you must have a passport. If you make it do not get the wrong passport, because it will affect the trip you will do. But the question is how to make it, whether how to make a passport is difficult.

After you already understand about the type of Indonesian passport earlier then to make it must first understand the type of visa (visit permit). Because in addition to a visa passport is one of the important tools if you want to enter a country. Because traveling abroad has its own destination, choose the right visa.

Types of Visas to Know Before Creating a Passport

There are some visas that have multiple purposes or uses. The first type is a short-term visa. This is a type of short-term visit visa, which is only for travel, business or family visits. The requirements of this type of visa are also not so complicated, only booking tickets, and account books.

The way to make a passport is to make a visa first. The second type of visa is a long-term visa. This is usually for work or educational purposes. If the short-term visa application does not require documents where to live while in the country concerned. In the long run, you need that.

And if you want to study, then you must include the documents where you study, for example at which university. If you are carrying out diplomatic or service duties, you must also apply for a diplomatic or service visa. The biased service visa is used when you represent a country for a visit to another country.

The next type of visa is a transit visa. This type is only applied to people who only transit briefly to continue their journey to the next country. Like when you want to go to the Netherlands, then you must first transit to one country, then you are required to make a transit visa to that country.

Here are some of the conditions that will be needed if you want to make a passport, first is the original ID card and photo copy. Then is the family card, also the original with a photo copy. The original birth certificate and photocopy. It is also required to include the last diploma along with the marriage certificate if it is married.

If you want to make a passport for your child. Then it should include some of the following documents. Such as both parents’ ID cards, real family cards or photo copies. The child’s birth certificate, the parent’s marriage book, the parents’ original passport. Also bring an old passport if you want to extend it.

How to Create a Passport Online

The first way is to download the application, in the play store under the name Queuepassport. This method will not make it difficult for you when you want to create a passport, and if you don’t want to download the application, you can use the official website of the immigration office. If so, take the second step.

Cara makes the second passport is to register first, first is to open the application. Then go to the start page. Then you proceed to fill in the complete personal data. Such as username, password, NIK. and mobile number. Don’t forget to also enter your email and full address.

If you have registered and verified by the admin, then the next step or way to create a passport is  to make an antiran schedule and choose the immigration office that you will  visit. With begitu you don’t need to wait in line anymore, because it is already in line in the application.

If you have done scheduling to make a passport then the next step is to go to the nearest immigration office in your area. When coming to him do not sampai forget to bring the necessary documents . Do not arrive when you come but do not bring the documents.

You will be guided to conduct photo processes, document checks, and signatures and interviews. If it’s all done wait a while for the passport to be finished being processed by the admin. When it is finished it is time to make a payment and you will then be able to use the passport.

The Process of Retrieving a Passport Correctly

Usually when you have done how to make a passport correctly, it will be processed. It’s not long, but it depends on the passport request on that day. It can take 3 to 4 days for the immigration office to process your passport.

With the online process, it will certainly make it easier to make the passport. It’s easier and faster, it doesn’t take long. Can take the queueshorter, so when at the immigration office your name  will be called becauseit is already in line in the online system.

When the process is complete, you just have to make a payment and take the passport.  You are then ready to travel abroad, but what needs to be considered is not to damage the name of the Country of Indonesia. So when abroad you have to do good.

For those of you who make a regular passport, maybe only for tourist purposes. Then do not return to the country of origin within the predetermined time limit. If up to a certain time limit does not go home immediately then there will be some problems. That’s how to make a passport online.

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