Find bmw’s best dealer from home : HappyMod
Find bmw’s best dealer from home : HappyMod

Find bmw’s best dealer from home : HappyMod

BMW Virtual Service Center Find the best service from home

The BMW service centre is a Bayerishe Motor Verke support service intended for BWM customers around the world with service coverage according to their respective regions. In Indonesia, this assistance service is expanding into several regions, especially large cities.

Recently, it was a little difficult for customers to visit dealers and service places due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The necessity of limiting activities outside the home and limiting interactions makes many people prefer not to go outside.

Understanding this, many companies offer services to help people do activities at home. BMW also seeks to provide the best service for its customers by providing virtual services. The BMW service center is one of the services you can access without the need to go to the dealer or service place.

The services provided range from a virtual lounge where consumers can see the car at 360 degrees, the nearest dealer, service, to services from BMW business consultants who provide assistance if you want to consult on credit purchases.

Find BMW car models from home

However, in the current pandemic era, it is very difficult to go to a lounge and buy a car, due to the limitations of interaction and the necessity of staying at home.

However, the BMW service center will still provide the best service using   a virtual lounge where consumers can still browse different BMW car series even though they do not come directly to the seller’s place.

With a 360-degree tour, consumers can see the state of the car live from different angles, top, side, rear, front and bottom.

Consumers can choose any type starting with Series X, M, and various other series.    Just click and you can see the whole car you want to buy.

Want to try the BMW car of your choice? Just click on “Test Drive” and you will get a service to try the car.   The BMW service centre will contact you to arrange meeting time, and then the car will come with BMW employees and meet the consumer’s wishes to take a test ride.

Find bmw’s best dealer from home

The home service is the main service of many dealers and vehicle manufacturers during the pandemic. Providing a ball collection service is a way to overcome the problem of customers who cannot come to the lounge due to social distance rules.

You can only find the nearest BMW dealer by going to the official BMW website. There is a list of dealers closest to your city who can be contacted. Various services are still provided by authorized BMW dealers, ranging from sales, service, to securing parts of vehicles.

Although the services provided by the dealer are virtual, consumers can still feel the service coming directly to the dealer’s place.    You can contact the BMW service center if you do not find the nearest dealer’s location.

When  this happens, you don’t have to bother looking because you can use BMW virtual services to find a dealer who provides these needs   .

Find the best service adviser from home.

Driving comfort is the main thing that every driver must have on the road. The presence of damage or imperfections in the vehicle will result in discomfort. However, during the pandemic, it is difficult to carry out service activities directly in the workshop. Especially if you work from home.

You want to make BMW car repairs, but are prevented from being busy and cannot go directly to the service point, then you can use  the Service Center of the BMW Center.   The existence of this service will provide convenience in repairing or providing spare parts so that your vehicle is always in the best condition.

Service advisers provided are professionals with experience in repairing various damages from BMW cars. The Service Adviser will come directly to your place to perform thorough verification and repair.

  1. Contact the user service via the available hotline or enter the website or app then fill in the information and problems of your vehicle.
  2. Determine the schedule of the mechanic’s visit. The schedule is not determined by the dealer, but can be adjusted to the free time you have.
  3. Vetting and diagnosis. The mechanic will check directly before you then diagnose the damage that occurred.
  4. The repair step will be carried out after you agree on the details of the costs provided by the mechanic. Then just wait for the repair process and the car’s performance to return to the maximum.

The services adviser through the BMW service centre also provides a guarantee so that if the damage occurs again within the guarantee, the services adviser will make repairs again.  You certainly don’t have to spend more money because this is part of bwm’s quality service.

Find a business consultant from home

BMW is known as one of the expensive car brands and can only be owned by certain circles. Therefore, careful planning is needed to buy. Therefore, there is a business consultant directly from BMW who can help plan the purchase of a car from home.

There are experienced consultants who can  help  you find a solution to get your car out of your dreams.  You can discuss the type of car you want and its funding.

Just contact the BMW service center or choose a consultant on the official website yourself.  You can also schedule your own discussion time so that it suits the free time you have.

Buying a car is an investment. Therefore, using the help of the consultant’s services will be very necessary. Not only adapt to your needs and abilities, but also to provide assistance in planning the future of investment. For example, in relation to car insurance and other things, so buying is not harmful.

This car consultancy will be responsible for providing consultations, formulating finances and finding solutions to the problems that arise. Especially for those of you who do not understand about cars and their investments, you will really need the services of this consultant.


Using virtual services is a solution for those of you who cannot come directly to the dealer or official service site. Starting with car purchase services, inspections, repairs, to investment consultations are available  at the virtual BMW service center so you don’t have to go outside the house to get it.

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