Department office working hours JNE bag delivery service : Polibatam
Department office working hours JNE bag delivery service : Polibatam

Department office working hours JNE bag delivery service : Polibatam

JNE working hours for corers you need to understand


To this end , in an era where shopping activities are as demanding as they are today , the opportunity for suah delivery services should be wide open . The   need to deliver bags is not only necessary when it comes to online purchases , but also for students or workers who are outside .

The GINA itself has a wide selection of delivery bag services that can be adjusted to your needs and expenses . When you send a bag , you should definitely know the hours of THE GNA operation . So when you send items or pick up bags in the office , you will not be disappointed because the bag is tied up .

The offices of the GNOA are open on Monday through Sunday . Although the hours of operation vary , monday to Friday , it is 08. 00 to 15. Until 00, Saturday 08. 00 to 15. 00, and on Sunday 08. 00 to 14. It ‘s open until 00. In addition , you should also identify  the working hours of GNA operations  to other coroners .  

Department office working hours JNE bag delivery service

GINA branch offices have been published in Indonesia . The OFFICE of the GINA branch is the main office , as well as a lot of information , loads and other processing . Because it is the main office , of course , the office of this branch is located in the centre of the city , as well as the highway , far from the city centre .

So , if you want to complain about the envelope or just want to find out the information clearly , you can come to the branch office in your city centre . The office of this branch is open every day . In any case , on certain days , hours of activity are very limited .

On Monday to Friday , the hours of operation are from eight o ‘clock in the morning to seven o ‘clock , while for the end of the week , such as Saturday , it is open from eight o ‘clock in the morning to three o ‘clock in the morning , and finally Open Sunday from eight o ‘clock in the morning to two o ‘clock in the morning .

Although working hours vary , in some cities , the hours  of  GNA activity reach 24 hours for Corriere , especially for his operational offices . So , you can ask at the branch office where you live .

Agent working hours to the GNI probate

After knowing the working hours of the department office , you should also know the working hours of the agent ‘s office , to the agencies . GN Agent offices and various parts of Indonesia have been published . In general , the agent ‘s office is open in weeks , from Monday to Saturday , from 8 a.m . to 5 a.m .

Similar to branch offices , there are several agent offices that are open for up to 24 hours to serve consumers who want to deliver packages . At the same time , for the media , there are media that are open until 9 pm . In any case, there are also offices that are only open until the afternoon. So , THE GNA  can  vary the hours of activity for coriers .

When you send a bag , if you send an agent or a small JINA , the bag will be lifted from JNE by the bag-taking car , then it will be transferred to the branch office . Lifting usually takes place during the day at 1:00 pm .

If you want the bag to be sent or processed quickly on that day , try to send a bag or arrive at the GN Agent location after 1 pm , because usually the first cup will be made during the day , so that your bag can be processed quickly  .   Hours of  GINA activity for coriers  must be determined . The next is the working hours of The Cork .

JNE Courier Service Business Hours

The working hours of this JNE are based on the selection of assigned packages . As we know , the DNA has several bag delivery services . First , this is a regular bag . Then yes , that ‘s right , come on . Below is information about the hours of activity .

  1. Regular bags. Reg actually sells well , taking 1  to 3 days to send bags . Until Friday , the hours of this year ‘s activity range from 08.30 to 17.30, while on Saturday it is 08.30 to 13.00.


There are no red dates or holidays to deliver bags , and bags will be processed during the week . So , if you want to send items , try to send them to the end of the week , so it is better to send items on Monday on Thursday to avoid delays in delivery .


  1. Yes, pickup. D1day is the name of the GNA sent by the GNA  yes . Many workers recommend using this service , especially if you want to get the goods quickly . This service even still serves the delivery of goods . So   the  hours of activity for the COUriers are  too long for the GNA yes . The operation schedule for Yes Package is 8:00 From 12:00 to 12:00.


  1. The bag is right . The economic cost is a JNE bag called OKE . Because it is a low price , this package is the most appropriate to choose when you want to send the goods with a heavy weight . The  delivery period is 2 to 4 days .


Coriers ‘ working hours that send OAKE bags usually range from 08.30 to 17.00 until Monday . In addition, on holidays , no bags will be delivered , because the courier will send yes bags . Therefore , pay good attention to the delivery day  .


  1. JNE SS . This product has less than 24 hours, so this service is the fastest  .   GNA working  hours work for such bags from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 12:00 a.m . to pick up .

How to find an agent ‘s office for GNI agencies

With a wide selection of services owned by JNE , you are certainly very interested in using this  , right ? To find the Address information of the JNE office , you don’t need to test yourself in search of it , because you can open a browser and use the Google Mp .

Then you can search for key words according to the city that you want to find an agent or search for work hours for the  JNE operation  for corriers . When  you want to visit it , don’t forget to turn on the location feature on your phone , so you can follow the instructions correctly .

Understanding the working hours of THE GNN operation is indeed very important , especially since you are a participant in delivering these bags . Especially when there is no one at home and the bag is eventually sent back to the department office , if you cannot wait , you should take the bag yourself .

Usually , for packages that have not been delivered , they will go to the department office in the city centre . In addition , here you can submit complaints about the delivery of bags if they do not comply with the schedule given . So record the working hours of  the GNA  operation to make a good hole .

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