Contact CS JD.ID via WhatsApp, email and social media: CouponCode
Contact CS JD.ID via WhatsApp, email and social media: CouponCode

Contact CS JD.ID via WhatsApp, email and social media: CouponCode

How to store and connect with a JD.ID call center

In this article, we will discuss how  to shop properly and connect to JD.ID JD.ID is a market That aims to achieve happily on its own, so in effect the happily of a customer or customer is the primary goal of a company.

Provided services are also fast and very practical, with their own logistics fleet already being supported by partner networks across Indonesia Of the Covid-19 pandemic, you can also improve businesses as usual, such as JD.ID committed to providing the best and conditional service.

So there is no need to worry because there are already completed services from the warehouse, the seller drops to post-sale or after sale Companies are always more careful, so the working environment and inventory of goods also guarantee cleanliness.

This e-commerce has been operating since 2015 and continues to improve quality because customer satisfaction has always been prioritised  , despite all comments or complaints Types can be submitted via a JD.ID call center. You can link customer service  to social media via live chat, telephone call, email.

CS JD.ID via hotline

By shopping JD.ID, you can get more benefits compared to shopping directly because there are many discounts you can find. TIDAK is not only As a discount, but also a variety of attractive displays are also waiting for K Amu. For example, payday promulgation to replace gadgets,  Beauty Promos, free transport all day and more.

People are usually lax to shop online via e-commerce because they disagree in detail about how to shop. Sluggish people for fear of meeting challenges, such as delays in delivery of goods, have not reached other directions and challenges.

Apparently, such is the discussion that the e-commerce sector already has its own  logistics and full partner network in  Indonesia Xi  happens  rarely.  Despite some complaints or problems immediately, you can contact customer service or call a JD.ID call.

For a two-way conversation via a telephone connection, you can contact the service centre on telephone number 1500 618 or you  can also contact 021 For this battery service  , you can  contact them from 06.00 to 22.00 WIB during  Monday to Sunday working hours.

Connecting CS JD.ID through a live chat service

There are many ways to JD.ID CS; you can also use a direct chat service in addition to calling the number listed above. You can contact  Serve This is for 24  hours from Monday to Sunday, which means customer service can certainly  be contacted at any time.

How to connect to the JD.ID chat service is easy, Where you need to open the main website JD.ID then search for help options. The help option is appropriate with or parallel to register My pool or order choice, then you need to click on the next assistance option, then you will be readmitted automatically to the Customer Service Center.

After coming to the Customer Service Center page, you can still choose some options for faster service, for example If you want to ask for a ransom certificate, then you can click on the ransom specification option. Then you will receive information about or about specifications, payments and other options such as:

  1. Check this option
  2. Applications Next to Sale
  3. Delete control

There are  also search areas where  you can incorporate exercises about services  such as payments or orders. To use live chat features, you can Scroll through the customer service center page at the bottom where you can find live chat options.

After finding live chat options, you’ll already be able to click on ‘Chat with us’ and then you’ll be able to connect directly with the CS JD.ID service by hundred To use this assistant service, you must first log in if you are a new user, you can register by filling in the forms provided.

Contact CS JD.ID via WhatsApp, email and social media

In addition to using a direct chat  service, you can connect to the JD.ID call center via  WhatsApp. This method will be the same as connecting A direct chat service because the WhatsApp option is in line with LIV Chat options. This simple approach will then be switched directly to WhatsApp applications.

  1. ID click on the main page of the site
  2. Watch later for aid options, you’ll be directed to the customer service center page
  3. Scroll down
  4. Click on whatsApp options or start a chat

To contact the CS Center or JD.ID via  email address  , you can send a complaint Make sure to fill in the substance of the email, you can fill it out with a sentence Short and satisfy an email’s body with complaint details. It is advised to explain complaints or comments and suggestions in the listed format.

The last  way you can do to communicate with CS JD.ID is to  access its  social media accounts, which begin with twitter accounts, Instagram and Facebook. You can do direct messages on Twitter @csjd_id then for Instagram, you can do DM to @jdidcs and Facebook JDD.

If you want to connect with a JD.ID call center via the above social media account, you can only  access it during  work hours It is that Monday to Friday starts from 08.00 to 21.00 WIB. On Saturday and Sunday  , it can range from 08.00 to 17.00 WIB.

How to shop in JD.ID?

In fact, shopping via e-commerce this is so easy that you just need to register if you don’t have a c  As a JD.ID, you have to create an  account, then you can log in to an account and choose the product you want  to buy.

Do not forget to read the full depiction of this product, including its terms and conditions.Please be  sure to confirm  the  quantity of the product as well Then  select the color or size-related option and click on the Buy Now button. Enter a  transport address or full k amu address of the cargo and select the payment method.

JD.ID shopping is very straightforward    so you don’t have to contact JD.ID call centres, you should apply it   The most important thing is to check the delivery address of the goods and make sure the address is correct and then select the payment method.

JD.ID provides a variety of payment methods such as online payment methods and if the code is available, click on the payment button After that.   When you choose an online payment method, you will be directed to select the type of payment available, then press Pay.

Information about the payment code will then be listed along with the payment deadline after check.Do  not forget to continue it until order Ready for shipping. JD.ID there are also products from overseas with two types of JD Global Regular and JD Global Fast Delivery.

Typical global JD takes 15 to 30 working days for delivery, whereas CDs for fast delivery globally have lower estimated delivery times equivalent to delivery Distribute local products. So you can choose the most effective self and if you encounter  problems, you can contact the JD.ID call center.

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