5 Ways to Check Smartfren Credit and Card Active Period : WaMod
5 Ways to Check Smartfren Credit and Card Active Period : WaMod

5 Ways to Check Smartfren Credit and Card Active Period : WaMod

5 Ways to Check Smartfren Credit and Card Active Period

Reading 5 ways to check smartfren credit and card active duration is important for users of this well-known provider in Indonesia.   Smartfren has been popular in Indonesia since the first introduction of its products and is in great demand. The products of this provider are widely spread across different corners of Indonesia.

Various facilities are offered by this provider, so that it is attractive to the public. Moreover, in a much wider range, smartfren will become more attractive in various circles. In fact, all people, from the lower to the upper middle class, are happy to use smartfren.

5 Advantages of Smartfren Provider

5 Ways to Check Smartfren Credit and Card Active Period It is very important that users do not exceed the offer period. Are you one of the users? Since its first launch in Indonesia, people have been excited.  It has spread its wings to various areas.

  1. Super cheap

Everyone will want to find an economical and frugal provider.   If you are looking for a provider who has these advantages, smartfren is the answer. The cheapest allocation option is offered to all groups.


Well, 5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active duration of the card can obviously be done by all parties. Some people who did not previously believe in this advantage have now started turning to Smarfren. But after proving it themselves, they felt addicted to using it.


  1. Signals disappear automatically

Is the automatic missing signal one of the negatives? It’s not, but an advantage in this card is that the signal can be lost automatically.  The signal will be lost when your cell phone is not in use. For example, if  you leave the house, you do not need to deactivate the data packet, but the signal will automatically disappear when the signal enters the hard area.


  1. Very economical

Well, the last advantage of this cool provider is that it is very economical.   You can get great benefits in the cheapest and most economical form when using this card. While waiting for Payday, you can still enjoy the internet without having to worry about running out of reservations.

5 Ways to Check Smartfren Credit and Card Active Period

Continue to hold the debt so that you can always enjoy the benefits of this provider. Otherwise, it is possible that the number will be blocked and you will regret it. How do I check my credit balance and active period?

  1. Dial Up

Of the 5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active period of the card, this is the most typical. Enter *999#  .  For Kemudian, you can directly press the call button. The screen displays some of the remaining credit from the card inside the phone.


  1. SMS

The method  of doing 5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active duration of this card  is that you can open the messaging app. Type the SMS by typing the word CEK. Once done, send an SMS to the number 999.


  1. Carrier Phone

If you don’t want to be complicated, you can directly ask for the remaining credit and the active duration of the number by making a call. Call 999.  5 ways to check the smartfren credit and card active period will definitely help you a lot.


  1. Use the app

As an elite provider in modern times, SmartFren also has the use of Mysmartfren.    Download it first if you want to use it. In the application, you can get a lot of information, including the remaining credit and the active period of the card.


  1. Website

Here are 5 ways to check Smartfren credit and visit the website my.smartfren.com the active duration of the card. Here, you can first enter  your  email and password to re-register your account. When you’ve registered Istraci, you can check your credit.

The five ways above are very easy to try, aren’t they? The method above applies when you are going to check the active grace of the card. The credit amount will appear along with the active period of the card and the grace period.

Information about the number of pulses and the duration of the activity will let each user know what to do. If it has entered the grace period, by toping up the credit as soon as possible, you can avoid being blocked. In that way, the test should be done continuously and repeatedly.

How to extend smartfen active life

When  you don’t do 5 ways to check the active period of smartfrance credit and card, suddenly unnecessary things can happen.  You can’t call and get out of the text. Then, this will make you very worried if this number is so important in life, because you already have a lot of contacts with both relatives and  colleagues.

As it turns out,  there is only 1 tip to do that so that you avoid this problem. Just to top up a loan, this is the only way to do it. By doing this, the active period can be increased. Therefore, the chance of being blocked is even smaller.  You can use it at any time.

Once you’ve entered your favorite card  grace limit, fill in the credit. Other methods such as buying active periods or changing credit can’t be done yet. After all, there’s nothing to lose in topping again, right?

Recharge can be done in both the offer period and the active period. The additional active period  depends on  how much you borrow.

  1. Adds 5 thousand 7 days to the charge
  2. 15 days on a charge of Rs 10,000
  3. Charge adds 20 and 25 thousand 30 days
  4. 60 days on charging 50 thousand
  5. Adds 75 days to the charging 60K
  6. 120 days on a charge of 100 thousand
  7. Charging from 150 to 200 thousand adds 150 days

How to activate a dead Smarfren

Doing 5 ways to check your credit  and the active duration of the card will  actually avoid dead cards  . If the card is completely dead, there  is still a way to do it when you still need it the most.

The card will enter into a grace period divided into two phases.

  1. One-way block

One-way or one-way modules can occur when you enter a 30-day grace limit. If this happens, you won’t be able to make outgoing calls and texts. However, you can receive SMS and incoming calls


  1. Bidirectional volume

If this has already happened, the card is completely unusable. Whether you want to go online, send SMS in and out, or incoming and outgoing calls can no longer be made.

If that happens to you, don’t rush to throw the card away if you still need it. Come to the nearest Smartfren shop in your city. There, you can reactivate the card. The conditions are simple, bring your KTP, KK and pay, which is no more than 3 months from the grace period.

Smartfren is actually the most attractive provider to use in Indonesia. When using this provider, there are many benefits that can be enjoyed. However, don’t let your security down and always check the active duration of the card.  Do this using  5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active duration of the card above.

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